We've had over 2,151,208 page visits and 296,220 visitors since January 2015!  

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We've had over 2,151,208 page visits and 296,220 visitors since January 2015!

Terms of Service

  1. Our one-time $150 fee includes up to six months listing time (continuous only) on the site and use of our "For Sale By Owner" yard sign. Your listing term expires when your property sale closes, you take your property off the market, you list your property on the MLS (other than FSBO Madison's flat fee service*), or other commercial website or reach six months, whichever occurs first.
  2. You agree to not advertise your property for sale on any other commercial real estate websites other than FSBO Madison. Newspaper advertising and non-commercial websites such as Craig’s List are fine. We DO NOT sell listing information to other websites and we work diligently to keep this information from being misused.
  3. We are not realtors and aside from our initial fee, receive nothing in payment from either buyer or seller. FSBO Madison provides flat fee MLS services through Fair Fee Madison a Wisconsin licensed real estate brokerage that also takes no commission other than the initial sign up.
  4. Yard sign remains property of fsbo Madison and fsbo Madison does not accept responsibility for accidental injury involving the yard sign or its placement.
  5. Most signs will be installed within three business days after the listing is active on the website.
  6. We do not issue refunds. Since we incur nearly all of our expenses in the first few days of listing a new property we cannot offer refunds.
  7. Listings are for one property only and are non-transferable.
  8. The home seller is responsible for the accuracy of their listing. Those knowingly misrepresenting their property will be asked to correct the inaccuracy. Refusal to do so will result in termination of your listing.
  9. We do not install or deliver signs for properties outside of Dane County- those outside of Dane County may contact us, 276-8814 or info@fsbomadison.com, regarding use of a yard sign which would involve a deposit, self pick up and self installation. Signs must be returned within 1 month of listing deactivated on site to receive refund of deposit.
  10. You agree to pay FSBO Madison $100 for signs not made available for pickup after your listing term expires or for signs damaged beyond normal wear and tear.
  11. You must place a stake/marker indicating a "safe" (free from underground utilities) location for yard sign placement. fsbo Madison does
    not accept responsibility for damage to underground utilities resulting from placement of yard signs. Diggers Hotline:800-242-8511

*FSBO Madison provides flat fee MLS services through McGrady Group LLC