We've had over 2,151,208 page visits and 296,220 visitors since January 2015!  

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We've had over 2,151,208 page visits and 296,220 visitors since January 2015!

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Sellers FAQ

Sellers Fequently Asked Questions:

What if I want my property on the MLS?

logo smallFSBO Madison provides flat fee MLS services through The McGrady Group LLC, a licensed Wisconsin Real Estate Brokerage, for those who feel they need it. This service costs $250 when added to your FSBO Madison. There is a $50 "synch fee" when added after your initial FSBO Madison registration has been on the site for 30 days, but does reset your FSBO term to match the MLS term of 6 months. MLS renewals are $100 for an additional 6 months.

See Listing a Flat Fee MLS for further information.

Some "flat fee MLS" marketers say that FSBO Madison is great for homebuyers in Dane County, but that people in other parts of the country/world don't know about you. Is this true?

No, this is not true. (See the related question above) A buyer who was stationed in the military in Italy told us, via phone from Italy, that she watched the FSBO Madison website like a hawk and settled on a home in Columbus without even setting foot in it. She said that she could picture it well and had a good idea about the surrounding area because of the detailed and personalized information provided by the owner. The Internet will be seen by anyone in the WORLD who is looking for a home in the Dane County/Madison area and who types relevant search terms into their browser.

My home has been listed on FSBO Madison for only two days and yet there have been over 200 "hits" (visits) already. Why haven't I gotten any calls?

A good many of those initial, early visits will be from real estate agents. In spite of our "terms of use" statement which clearly indicates that the properties listed on FSBO Madison are not to be used as a "mailing list", you will be solicited by realtors- both traditional and "discount". You will receive mailings, undoubtedly, hopefully nothing more intrusive. If so, please feel free to let us know, as we have been able to effectively deal with offending real estate agents in the past and will be glad act on your behalf, allowing you to remain anonymous.

Why are properties still listed after their closing date has passed?

We have been asked, by appraisers, to leave properties on the site for one month. This gives them time to record the sales and obtain sales info from the city/county for use in doing comparables. The huge increase in fsbo sales over the past 8 years has made this task more challenging for them. We comply with their request unless an owner prefers the prompt removal of their property (which they can also do themselves.)

Who pays for title insurance?

The short answer is that the seller pays for title insurance (owner's policy of title insurance) to meet the requirement of providing "merchantable title" to the buyer.

The buyer pays for title insurance that their lender requires to prove their status as first mortgage holder on the property being bought.

Per lines 342-345 of the WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase form:
"Seller shall pay all costs of providing title evidence to Buyer. Buyer shall pay all costs of providing title evidence required by Buyers lender."