We've had over 2,151,208 page visits and 296,220 visitors since January 2015!  

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We've had over 2,151,208 page visits and 296,220 visitors since January 2015!

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You've come to the right place to sell your home. Thousands of people visit this site looking at real estate for sale every day. Read below to find out why you should sign up now!

Why Sell FSBO?

Selling FSBO gives you a HUGE advantage over realtor® listed properties. In today's market PRICE IS EVERYTHING. FSBO sellers have much more room to negotiate a sale price compared to an MLS listed property carrying a six percent penalty.

Beyond this obvious advantage is potential savings. Suppose you decide you’ll only reduce your price by half of the standard commission or three percent. You’ll still enjoy a substantial selling advantage over the full service MLS properties in your neighborhood, but also reap a multi-thousand dollar windfall.

Maybe you’re in a more desirable location where demand is equal to or exceeds inventory. In this case, you can keep the entire six percent commission.

Even if you’re unsure of your odds of success the cost of trying is very low. It's not like you can't try flat fee MLS or even a full service agent later.

Then there's that inherent conflict. You and your listing agent have opposing interests. They get paid when your property sells. How much it sells for is not such a big deal to them.

If they can sell a property really fast to one of their other clients they'll make a lot more money. Even if it sells for only 80% of its true value the commission they will earn will be 60% greater than had they sold it to another company's client at full value.

On a $250,000 property that's a loss of $50,000 before commission for the seller and a gain of $4,500 for the real estate agency. Say "thanks" to .

Now there is a downside to selling on your own. It is real work. You will have to handle your own showings and open houses. You will have to negotiate the sale. But it also pays real money.

You will have to deal with listing agents and brokers harassing you. There's a whole industry built up on "converting FSBOs."

They'll try to scare you out of doing it (hire a real estate attorney to back you up and you'll be safer than any agent can make you and you'll still save a lot of money). They'll try to create a sense of obligation to them by "helping" you sell FSBO. They'll tell you they have a buyer interested in your property and can you let them preview it? Only that's just a come on to get in the door. There is no buyer.

And don't believe the hype. Real estate agents don't get a higher price for your property.

Why Use FSBO Madison?

If you're selling commission free real estate in the Madison area, you can't get better web exposure anywhere else.

FSBO Madison is one of the most heavily trafficked regional FSBO websites in the world. There is no other FSBO, flat fee or discount real estate website serving south central Wisconsin that even comes close.

We have for years consistently ranked at the top of the search engines on Madison real estate searches. Even searching on just "FSBO" typically brings us up on page one of the top search engines.

FSBO Madison has been on the web since 1998 and is deeply and widely connected. There are literally tens of thousands of links from websites around the world pointing to FSBO Madison.

For $150, you just can't buy better exposure.

What's included in your listing

  1. Listing on the web site for 6 months (you may add an additional 6 months at any time during your subscription for $50), until sold, taken off the market or listed with a real estate agent or broker (other than FSBO Madison's flat fee MLS partner The McGrady Group). The fee is $150 for the listing package.
  2. Unlimited real-time changes to your listing. Instantly change your selling price, contact information, description, open house listings, pictures or any other aspect of your listing through convenient user forms on our web site.
  3. 25 color photographs for your web page. Pictures may be uploaded by property seller at any time. Existing pictures may be replaced with new pictures at no cost.
  4. Use of our sturdy and attractive "For Sale By Owner" yard sign with custom telephone number placard while your house is unsold and listed on the web site. Sign remains property of fsbo Madison. You agree to pay FSBO Madison $100 for signs not made available for pickup after your listing term expires or for signs damaged beyond normal wear and tear.
  5. One "open house" directional sign. (Customer must specifically request this and accept responsibility for its use.)
  6. One "house for sale" directional sign. (Customer must specifically request this and accept responsibility for its use.)
  7. Spam protected email contact form to prevent web robots from harvesting your email address from our web site.
  8. *Signs are only delivered in Dane County. Outside Dane County sellers can pay a deposit, pickup, install, remove and return the sign themselves. If you need to pick up
    a sign please email info@fsbomadison.com or call 608-276-8814. Signs must be returned within 1 month of listing deactivated on site to receive refund of deposit.

Sign Up Now!

To list your home:

  1. Review "What's included in your listing" above
  2. Read and agree to our Terms of service.
  3. Choose one of the two following registration methods.
    1. Download, print and fill out our homeowner's information form. Mail it to us with your photos and check for $150. We will post your information on the web site. Or...
    2. Purchase a Subscription and enter your own information here and now. Once your listing has been created you can edit it at any time via the Manage Your Listing Menu or contact us to make the changes for you (276-8814 or info@fsbomadison.com).
  4. FSBO Madison provides flat fee MLS services through The McGrady Group LLC, a licensed Wisconsin Real Estate Brokerage, for those who feel they need it. This service costs $250 when added to your registration for FSBO Madison. There is a $50 "synch fee" when added after your listing has been on FSBO 30 days. This resets your FSBO term to match the MLS term of 6 months.  MLS renewals are $100 for an additional 6 months. Read 'Flat Fee MLS' for further information.

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